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The Asian Arbitration and ADR Alliance aims to offer satisfactory services to its clients to ensure smooth arbitration proceedings and mediation sessions. We understand the needs of users thus able to provide customised services according to your needs regardless of the complexity and demands. We understand the hassle in preparing for arbitral hearings, where the parties or its representatives have to go through in, among others, sourcing for hearing rooms, transcribers, e-hearing packages, interpreters, etc.

We can assist with planning and management of your arbitration and mediation sessions from start till completion. See case study below:

Please contact us for an initial discussion and quote at [email protected]

Our arbitration/mediation support includes:


  •  Arranging facilities for virtual/hybrid hearings, preliminary meetings, Case Management Conferences (CMC), etc.
  • Arranging in-person/virtual mediation sessions
  • Transcription services
  • Interpreters
  • Translation of documents
  • E-hearing facilities
  • Transport and accommodation arrangements

Case study : cross-border hybrid international arbitration hearing


  • An arbitration hearing involves witnesses located in different time-zones with the arbitral tribunal and counsels located in Singapore.
  • Some of the witnesses are located in London and will only be able to testify at 10am local time which would be 5pm Singapore time. Hiring of hearing room and services will typically incur additional cost for after office-hour use whether on per-block or hourly basis. Proper planning and detailed scheduling can result in cost savings for the parties.